Pre-Interview for Image Editing

This pre-interview is intended to help our recruiters select applicants and schedule for an interview. 

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Latest company you worked for?

Describe the day-to-day activities in your last work.

Why did you leave your last company?

How long have you worked for your last company?

If less than 12 months, explain why?:

What experience did you gain from your last company?

List 3 positive things you've learned from your career.

List 3 negative things you've learned in your career.

Ability to use productivity tools applications *

MS Word
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MS Project
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Google Docs
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Your views on what's important? *

Not importantSomewhat importantImportantVery importantMost important
Getting along with co-workers
Office environment
State of the art technology
Office location
Good management
Money & Good Salary
Freebies such as tea, coffee and stationery
Perks such as free parking, gym passes
Cleanliness and hygiene
Rules & Policy
No out of hours working
Casual dress code
Regular meetings
Good social life

Why is being a responsible individual important? *

Why is becoming an adult important? *

Why is being a self-initiative person important? *

Why is being successful important? *

In your opinion, is the nation you're living in getting better or worse since it's indepence? Describe why? *