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1i. Duration in Current Position *

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1h. Total Duration of Employment in the Company *

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2a. Focus on end result *

2a.a Able to achieve the targets in specified time
2a.b Able to plan and manage time to achieve satisfatory results
2a.c Can overcome obstacbles with minimum supervision

2b. Quality of end result *

2b.a Achieve work up to standard
2b.b Rarely make mistake
2b.c Qualified work result

2c. Communication *

2c.a Able to give opinion/ feedback to superiors, peers, subordinates systematically
2c.b Understand the situation of where, to whom, and how the right way to take the discourse on the idea
2c.c If Do not understand, no hesitation to ask

2d. Responsibility *

2d.a Do not shirk the duties and responsibilities that are given and received the consequences that arised from their work
2d.b Committed to complete the work without being monitored by superior
2d.c Reliable to complete the work on time independently

2e. Creativity *

2e.a Dare to take risks to try new ways to produce a better performance
2e.b Being able to provide ideas that can be applied to improve work load
2e.c Do not hesitate to give his ideas to co-workers to achieve better results

2f. Discipline *

2f.a Not playing around with company rules and jutisfying against the rules
2f.b Respecting existing rules
2f.c Come to work on time

2g. Integrity *

2g.a Honest and forthright without hiding any information required to peers, supervisors, subordinates in decision making session
2g.b Trustworthy of company confidentiality
2g.c Do not abuse their autority for personal gain that could harm the company stability

2h. Team Work *

2h.a Ability to work in a team
2h.b Support team decision even if those decisions conflicted with personal decision
2h.c Not to hesitate to help his friends work when one done with his/her work

2i. Leadership *

2i.a Being a role model for colleagues
2i.b Guiding partners in achieving their task
2i.c Can manage work when there are no supervision

2j. Initiative *

2j.a performing work independently without any supervision
2j.b When done, help co-workers to get their job done
2j.c Having sensitivity towards problems that occur in the project and handle it with initiative
2j.d Very responsive and maintain good communication with the client to have a success working relation

Objectives *

Results *

Additional Comments

Subject *

Ability to cope with multidisciplinarity of team
Enthusiasm & implication toward projects/assignments
Compliance to internal rules and processes (timesheets completion, etc.)
Team spirit: ability to work efficiently with peers, manage the conflicts with diplomacy
Initiative and self autonomy
Ability to follow and complete work as instructed
Decision making
Customer commitment
Communication skills (written & verbally): clearness, concision, exactitude
Technical skills regarding to the job requirements
Analytical and synthetic mind
Promptness and attendance record
Adaptability: Ability to adapt oneself to organizational changes while keeping efficiency
Creativity and forward looking aptitude
Time management: projects/tasks are completed on time

Supervisors only

Results of the bottom-up survey and mitigation actions to face technical, organizational, structural and/or relational issues
Delegation: Ability to efficiently assign tasks to other people
3b.c Ability to use the MindreachX.com internal system
Leadership: create a challenging and motivating work environment aligned with the company's strategy
3b.e Ability to uphold the company policy in their department
Leadership: sustain subordinates in their professional growth
3b.g Ability to implement consistency through out their department
Ability to manage planning resources, risks, budgets and deadlines
3b.i Ability to implement organizational structure changes
3b.j Ability to implement new organizational policies
3b.k Ability to handle problems and get things done

Professional Development Objectives

Personal Performance Objectives

Project Objectives

4d. Work Plan Objectives

4e. Work Plan Results

4f. Work Plan Comments

Use the following space to make any comments regarding the above performance evaluation.

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